Curious and having a wide range of interests, Maggie pursues creative work that is insight-driven, strongly articulated, and positively impactful.

With a focus on social impact, sustainability, and conservation, Maggie is eager to work on projects that create value for both human and natural systems.

Maggie is Communication Design Lead, currently working with and other socially/environmentally positive organizations.

Prooff Furniture


A strong use of grid, generous whitespace, and confident typography, allows you to easily explore the possibilities for the future of work.

Through friendly and approachable brand statements, the copy guides you through the website while presenting Prooff’s brand values and personality.


We developed a variety of printed matter such as product cards, product sheets, thank you cards, and business stationary to carry the brand aesthetic and sentiment across all platforms.


Striking a balance between refinement and approachability, innovation and insight, the Prooff dichotomy plays out in all aspects of the brand. The custom logoform harmonizes sharp angles with soft curves to create a strong form with human touch.


The style and use of brand messaging is sewn throughout the Prooff identity. Focused on short, enticing statements, the copy defines the Prooff vision while adding character and personality.


Brand Photography: Jordi Huisman
Product Photography: Pim Top
Copywriting: Margot van der Krogt
Creative Concept: Vruchtvlees