Curious and having a wide range of interests, Maggie pursues creative work that is insight-driven, strongly articulated, and positively impactful.

With a focus on social impact, sustainability, and conservation, Maggie is eager to work on projects that create value for both human and natural systems.

Maggie is Communication Design Lead, currently working with and other socially/environmentally positive organizations.

Le Parc Cinema


Centered around the idea of film as a language, cultural cannon, document, and way of speaking, I created a visual language for Le Parc to articulate the essence of its films and its own brand identity.

Through expressive typography, drawn elements, and a mix of film stills and ambient imagery, the brand elements, like a film, become a sum of its parts—cohesive, complementary, and elegantly woven together.


‘Surprisingly close’ / ‘Worldly closeness’


Inspired by the concept of film grammar (frame: letter, shot: word, scene: sentence, sequence: paragraph), the brand can be broken down into its component parts depending on usage.

Contrasting a bold, expanded font with a detailed serif, the brand typography speaks with confidence and character.