Curious and having a wide range of interests, Maggie pursues creative work that is insight-driven, strongly articulated, and positively impactful.

With a focus on social impact, sustainability, and conservation, Maggie is eager to work on projects that create value for both human and natural systems.

Maggie is currently a Design Lead at global design non-profit,

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Health Equity Collective


Carrying the voices of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and James Baldwin with us as inspiration, we set out to create a public narrative that was unapologetic, disruptive, thoughtful, accessible, passionate, and above all human. 

Juxtaposing humanistic typography, hand-drawn elements, bold graphic forms, intimate photo crops, and pops of colour, we worked with the team at to evolve the visual style and voice of the narrative to turn their vision into a movement.

5 tenets of the Ecosystem for Health Justice and a selection of concepts


‘I deserve’ statements recorded by the Health Equity Collective


“If you can make someone feel you can make someone do anything.”
—Ben-O’Keefe, Activist

Acknowledging some of the current and historical injustices of the American health care system, the video takes us through the Health Equity Collective’s vision and implores people to reflect upon the capacity to envision and enact change.

Stills from video


Video/animation: Mani Nilchiani
Sound design: Mani Nilchiani
Art direction: Maggie Chok
Script: Qimmah Saafir
Concept: Qimmah Saafir, Benjamin O’Keefe, Maggie Chok, Lauren Weinstein, Aya Jaffar, Alexandra Iaccarino and the 2020 Collective Cohort
Illustrations: Derrick Dent

Voice Actors:
Alysha English
Ari Orillac
Chardeney Mason
Cyrus Aaron
Emily Sadeghian
Jamahal Boyd
Mani Nilchiani