Curious and having a wide range of interests, Maggie pursues creative work that is insight-driven, strongly articulated, and positively impactful.

With a focus on social impact, sustainability, and conservation, Maggie is eager to work on projects that create value for both human and natural systems.

Maggie is currently a Design Lead at global design non-profit,

Faculty Magazine
Memory Palace

Faculty Magazine


Faculty believes the full spectrum of nature requires the outlooks and expertise of many fields—each contributing to and completing our field of vision.

Interviewees range from radio producers to nanotechnologists to interdisciplinary artists to biotechnology advocates. Faculty showcases the personal stories of people who are silently changing the world and explores the diversity of approaches with which they can.


Showcasing innovative image creators such as astrophotographers, free-diving naturalists, nature photographers, and gemmologists, Image Stories explore the personal stories, context, and processes behind a variety of natural imagery.


Curations include short videos and documentaries as well as musical selections. The ‘Natural Selections’ mix series serves as a platform for audio exploration in nature.

Mixes can be inspired by natural phenomena, ecosystems, animals, or anomalies, and support Faculty’s interest in multi-discplinary and inherently-human ways of understanding nature.