Curious and having a wide range of interests, Maggie pursues creative work that is insight-driven, strongly articulated, and intimately considered.

With a focus on educational, cultural, and socially responsible projects, Maggie hopes to create visual narratives that inform as much as inspire.

Previously worked as a Senior Designer at Vruchtvlees and SID LEE Amsterdam but is currently looking for new opportunities.

A Poet Once Said…


The book was printed in an edition of 50 and hand-stamped with each edition number. The project was featured on It’s Okay To Be Smart and It’s Nice That and sold to Feynman enthusiasts around the world.


The book is paced through lyrical typography, graphic illustration, and hand-painted spreads. The mix of type, vector, and texture is meant to illustrate the objective but inherently human approach to Feynman’s life and work.

As well, footnotes add context and background to Feynman’s text while an introduction and conclusion reiterate the significance of his outlook and approach.